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[rr13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Re: Bug#276187: zsh: Ineractive menu completion with tab doesnt work.]

Rene: You can post without subscribing as long as the tmda-like thing is
functioning properly.

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Clint Adams(schizo@xxxxxxxxxx)@2004.10.12 10:58:27 +0000:
> > Then normaly, i press tab again and again, to cycle through
> > these items. But this doesnt work anymore, the shell puts some weird 
> > chars in the prompt, like ^@^@^@ and i cant use tab anymore.
> I can reproduce this partially (the ^@^@^@ shows up, but tab keeps
> working).

I followed the thread on the zsh-workers mailing list, but
I not subscribed the zsh-workers mailing list, hence I mail this to you.

I tested the "fixed" zsh-cvs version. The  ^@^@^@ are gone now, but I cant
use tab anymore when in interactive mode. 
ls <tab> <tab> <tab> to cycle through the menu or ls .* <tab> <tab> don't

Same config.

BTW: woody has 4.0.4 with menu completion, and in woody with 4.04 its
works fine. Sorry for this fault. The "woody" system I checked to
figure out the zsh version, had a patched zsh-4.0.7 installed.
But on every other woody system I use, is it the original uptodate
woody zsh-4.0.4 and its working fine for me.

Thanks and regards 

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