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Re: zsh/bash incompatibilities

    Hi Matthias :)

 * Matthias B. <msbREMOVE-THIS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> I'm undecided about which \ treatment inside of $'..'

    Mmm, AFAIK, POSIX doesn't specify $'...' quoting (at least SUSv3
doesn't do it? Moreover, $'...' quoting in bash is different (per
manual) from zsh $'...' quoting.

    In bash, escape sequences within $'...' are replaced as if they
were inside ANSI C code. Zsh processes anything inside $'...' as if
the builtin 'print' was interpreting that. These two behaviours are
different and are documented as such (see the info manual for bash
and for zsh). I'm not sure about which behaviour should work when
doing 'sh' emulation, since 'sh' shouldn't have such quoting.

    I don't have a position about the octal sequences, anyway, so I
won't give an opinion about it.

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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