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zsh scripts portability between versions

    Hi all :)

    Is there any 'canonical' source about which stable version a
certain feature of zsh was introduced in? The ChangeLog is a bit
messy to investigate that, and I was just curious.

    The thing is that I have some scripts that I've developed since I
was using 4.0.9, but now I use 4.2.5 and I'm using some features not
present in older zsh releases, certainly some of the scripts won't
run on a version older than 4.2.5, but I'm pretty sure that some
others will run in a version as old as 4.0.9 or even older, but I
simply cannot test all the versions out there. Moreover, doing that
is not fail-safe because just running the scripts won't do, I would
have to do code coverage tests or the like. A mess.

    My first idea was to use the advantages of free software, publish
the script collection as depending on 4.2.5 or newer but keeping an
eye on user reports of the scripts running correctly on older
versions, but it is a bit unpolite ;)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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