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Obscure UTF-8 bug in parameter expansion?

(See zsh-users/9389 for background.)

Using the latest zsh from CVS, I was just trying out the command

	zargs -- sur pur -- echo {} -foo bar

and zargs went into an infinite loop.  I found this rather baffling,
as it had been pretty thoroughly tested, so I ran it with `set -x' and
encountered this:

: zargs:233; s=20480 
: zargs:234; l=ÿ 

The assignment to `l' there should always be a number, unless one has
abused the --max-lines option.  The actual declaration/assignment is:

local -a opts eof n s l P i
# An intervening zparseopts call may assign to l or may not

So apparently when `l' should be the empty array (as it was declared on
line 68) it is instead the garbage string y-with-an-umlaut.  I'm pretty
sure this did not occur before --enable-multibyte became the default.
However, recompiling with --disable-multibyte doesn't change anything,
so the problem may be in code that changed independent of the multibyte

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author