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Segfault in CVS when in interactive mode

Hi again.

The Computer-Gods don't seem to like me today. While trying to use the 
CVS version to investigate another problem (i'll write another mail in 
a second) I ran into this segfault. The exact thing happend to me 
before I applied the patch from earlier today so I'm starting to think 
this might be a x64 specific issue.

Steps to reproduce:
  1) Open the menu completion interactive mode (not inc. search)
  2) Press any of [a-z]

Again, the backtrace is attached. Unfortunately I was unable to find why 
this actually fails so I hope one of you might be able to reproduce it. 
If you need any further information... you know where to ask :)

felix_eckhofer  *  [fli4l-/eis-team]  *  ICQ#_59008162

"Ein Betriebssystem sie zu knechten, sie alle zu finden,
 ins Dunkle zu treiben und ewig zu binden..."

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