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Re: Quoting problem and crashes with ${(#)var}

> } (However, the ZLE function insert-unicode-char correctly
> } shows it as control character, ^ followed by A with a grave accent.)
> That's what I expected ${(V)x} to do, but instead it displays it as a
> \u escape.
> I'm asking for two things:
> (1) when "character not in range" we don't treat it as a fatal error
> and bail out of the whole surrounding loop; and
> (2) regardless of the locale, single-byte values should always be
> convertible to something "viewable", either \u00xy or \M-c.
> There might be cases where "character not in range" is a fatal error,
> but this doesn't seem as though it ought to be one of them.

OK, I misinterpreted... I've certainly no objection to cleverer use of
escape codes for things that can't otherwise be output (where we can
test this, obviously).  I thought you were saying "treat this as a
directly printable character" in both cases.

Passing the character through the appropriate version of nicechar()
ought to help.

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