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Re: Problems when building zsh 4.3.2 for Interix

Martin Koeppe wrote:
> I tried to build zsh 4.3.2 for Interix/SFU/Services for Unix 3.5. While 
> building I encountered these problems:
> 1. Interix 3.5 doesn't #define XTABS.

I've committed this bit.

> 2. Interix 3.5 has getrusage(), but not wait3(). This causes problems in 
> signal.c/jobs.c, function update_process().

This ought to be fixed by a patch from Wayne that's almost a year old:

2006-03-27  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* SF bug #1262954: Src/jobs.c: fixed a compilation problem
	when HAVE_GETRUSAGE is defined but HAVE_WAIT3 is not.

I'm hoping to produce a new version soon, but I'm struggling to fix some
stuff to do with quoting in completion, which is very hairy, so soon
may not be very soon.

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