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Re: PATCH: minor module tweak

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> So it's fine that you documented this, but I think it was implicit all
> along in the phrase "prints an error message and returns a non-zero
> status."  (If it were going to abort the code block, it couldn't return
> a status, could it?)

Yeahburrid didn't say that before...

-ignored.  Otherwise tt(zmodload) prints an error message.
+ignored.  Otherwise tt(zmodload) prints an error message and returns
+a non-zero status.  The current code block is not aborted unless
+tt(zmodload) detects an inconsistency, such as an invalid module name
+or circular dependency list.  Hence `tt(zmodload -i) var(module)
+tt(2>/dev/null)' is sufficient to test whether a module is available.
+If it is available, the module is loaded if necessary, while if it
+is not available, non-zero status is silently returned.

You're right that I've been a bit wordier in the change then necessary,
but I think it's useful to say that the code block is aborted on an
inconsistency (though I could have phrased that the other way round, so
the nitpicking version might read "If tt(zmodload) detects an
inconsistency ... the current code block is aborted") and the final
sentence applies specifically to the behaviour of the example.

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