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Updates to zsh-4_2-patches branch

I promised to do this months ago, but didn't get far over the course
of the winter...  Excuses aside, I've been hard at it for the past
week or two, and have gotten up to about the middle of last year in
merging trunk changes onto the branch.  I started out a little too
agressively in trying to include everything possible, but quickly
dug myself into a hole.  Now that I have the basic strategy down,
I'd like to do some testing for a few days to ensure it all still
works before continuing onto the rest.

How comprehensive is the test suite, and are there any major gotchas?

One area I could use help or at least guidance on is files in Src/Zle/.
I've merged in only a few changes there, when it appeared to be
non-multibyte-related, but is it better to try leaving that completely
alone?  I fear a few multibyte changes that don't belong mat have crept
in, but I'll see how testing goes.

In terms of documenting what I've done, is there any value in sending
all the change numbers to this list?  There will be very many, so I'm
thinking those numbers would better go into the change comments for the
individual cvs revisions.

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author