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Multibyte Input On OS X Again...


I have emailed the list before about the problems I have with multibyte input using zsh on OS X. I still can't get it to work, I think that it has to do with composited versus non-composited characters possibly, when I have to composite a character (hit one key then another) to get a specific character but that character is a single character on the command line things go badly. In bash with readline everything works fine. I made a movie of the problem in zsh and then showing bash doing just fine. Hopefully it will help. The character sequence that you can partially see being pressed in the keyboard viewer is "opt-6" then "i". In my keyboard layout this gets i with a hat. Anyway, hopefully this movie is also watchable in linux, etc. It should be a fairly standard quicktime container with a short H.264 movie inside, no audio.

Jordan Breeding

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