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Re: zsh 4.3.4 released

On 23/04/07, Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"Mikael Magnusson" wrote:
> (gdb) print tindent
> $12 = -2

Thanks.  This is the problem; tindent should never be less than zero.
I'm not sure why I'm not seeing it; it might suggest the structure with
the function in it is already corrupt at the point where you run

The following patch should stop the crash (so it's probably worth
having) and report at the point where it first becomes confused, though
it doesn't address the underlying problem.

Is it possibly you have old wordcode for the dot file that might define
svmode?  (Obviously the shell should be robust even if this is the case;
since the wordcode has a version stamp this shouldn't happen with a
released version of the shell.)

Aha, this seems to have been the problem. I renamed my .zshurxvt.zwc
and it doesn't crash anymore. I always run zrecompile -p on all my .z*
files after upgrading zsh but apparently it only takes effect if the
.file is newer than the .file.zwc, maybe it should also take effect if
$SHELL is newer than the .zwc?

Mikael Magnusson

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