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Re: PATCH: =~ regex match

Phil Pennock wrote:
> My mental processes push me towards regexps perhaps more than is
> healthy.  zsh/pcre's -pcre-match conditional operator is firmly in my
> toolkit.
> Earlier today I discovered that bash has a =~ operator for doing
> extended regexp comparisons.  I became envious, so I did something about
> it.  Which didn't involve giving up all the conveniences of zsh which
> have spoiled me.
> The below patch makes =~ an operator which silently auto-loads zsh/pcre
> and uses -pcre-match from there.  This is not bash-compatible in that:
>  1: it's PCRE -- far more to my liking :^)
>  2: if the regexp pattern is bad, it returns false/1 not false/2.

I thought about =~ and it seemed to me that since it would be largely
there for bash compatibility it would be better to do it with the system
regexp library, which would be more compatible and wouldn't depend on
optional packages.  It shouldn't be too hard to do.  We probably
wouldn't support BASH_REMATCH, however.

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