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BUG: "setopt autocd" and auto-cd completion of dirs with funny (Unicode) chars

Hi -workers,
zsh-beta 4.3.2-dev-1+20070413-1 on Debian Sid (i686-pc-linux-gnu) here..

I use zsh-beta because the plain zsh package doesn't complete
Unicode (UTF-8) filenames and dirs.  With zsh-beta it's much better, but
it fails when auto-cd`ing into some Unicode-named directory..  Example

% ls -F
♠♣♥♦/ some_dir/ another_dir/
% setopt autocd
% cd ♠♣♥♦
% pwd
% cd ../
% ./<TAB>
(Completes all directories without Unicode names)
% ./♠♣<TAB>
(Doesn't complete anything)
% cd ./♠♣<TAB> # I insert "cd" in front of it
% cd ./♠♣♥♦ # correctly completed

Locale is en_US.UTF-8
Menu completion works fine, but I tend not to use it..
autocd completion of directories without funny wchars works normally.

If you need any other details, please let me know!

Bye, and keep up the good work!

  Fernando Vezzosi
	       3F29 4D20 510E E1AE 991D  3B12 D6BE 7C05 B289 97C9

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author