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Re: PATCH: and query for malloc(0).

Geoff Wing wrote:
> On Saturday 2007-04-28 07:36 +1000, Peter Stephenson output:
> :Playing with POSIX regexes, I found some errors coming from zsh's memory
> :allocation with debugging on.  These turned out to resolve to some
> :malloc()s and free()s for zero length and the following oddity in
> :malloc():
> :    /* some systems want malloc to return the highest valid address plus one
> :       if it is called with an argument of zero */
> :    if (!size)
> :	return (MALLOC_RET_T) m_high;
> Given the above, I guess the patch is a reasonable fix.

Thanks, I think I'll commit it and see what happens; under most
circumstances that will be very little.

> We are not actually calling malloc(0) in-house, are we?

No, that should be trapped up above in zalloc(), etc.  I've only seen
the problem when linked with a C library function that's calling

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