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PGP; stdin/heredoc

Anyone have any preferences yay-nay about PGP-signing submitted patches?
Key is in strong-set, so there's a fair/middling chance a recipient
could verify such a signature.

For builtin/module commands, is there a real facility for being able to
get at the virtual stdin provided which supports heredoc/herestring/etc?

My messing around with a zsh/ruby uses a zrb command.  I thought that
it'd be convenient if, when there are no parameters, zrb would use the
stdin as visible to the user, hence:

 % zrb <<EORUBY
 foo = { "fred" => 23, "barney" => 110 }
 % print $zrb_type ${(t)zrb_value} $zrb_value 
 FIXNUM integer 23

That works at present if the ruby commands are provided as parameters
to zrb, and handles arrays of strings; I haven't yet decided on the best
way to deal in zsh with arrays of types other than strings or what to do
to represent a cut at the point where container types are nested.
Perhaps just always stringify ...

Disclaimer: I've only modified a couple of ruby scripts before in my
life; I only picked it because it has a coherent API (unlike Perl) and
the syntax isn't whitespace-dependent, which would be "interesting" to
mix into a shell.

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