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Re: [Patch] Fix race with signals in signal_block()

Guillaume Chazarain <guichaz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here is patch to fix a bug where zsh can become unkillable (except of 
> course with SIGKILL), I use Linux-2.6/i386 so the POSIX_SIGNALS macro
> is defined.
> signal_block() and signal_unblock() use two global variables 
> dummy_sigset1 and dummy_sigset2. I observed a race between
> child_block() and
> oldmask = signal_block(newmask); /* Block all signals temporarily */
> called in the zhandler() signal handler.
> The attached patch fixes the problem by getting rid of the global 
> variables, and instead using the signal_block() and signal_unblock() 
> functions.

Looking at your patch, it's hard to see what it wasn't done that way
before... I couldn't see anything obviously wrong and I've committed it.


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