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Re: PATCH: zsh/regex and =~

On Wednesday 02 May 2007, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On May 2,  5:36pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> }
> } > Only thing missing being support for echo $"Starting foo:" style
> } > messages (used to localizate the message) but that's not much of a
> } > problem.
> }
> } I don't even know how that works; it doesn't appear to be excessively
> } well documented.
> I'm sure it relies on GNU gettext.

this is unspecified. On systems supporting gettext it is likely it; it may 
well be catgets (if my memory serves me right) or whatever.

> $"Your message here" is equivalent to $(gettext -s "Your message here"),
> as far as I can tell, though it calls the library internally rather than
> executing it as an external command.

One problem is I do not see any portable way to specify message catalog when 
using $"...". You are unlikely to be interested in internal bash messages.

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