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Re: [PATCH] Proposal: stat -> zstat

On May 2, 10:39pm, Phil Pennock wrote:
} Subject: [PATCH] Proposal: stat -> zstat
} Since a stat external command has become popular, perhaps it's worth zsh
} 4.4 migrating users towards using zstat as a builtin?

Adding zstat is not a problem, but the stat command in the module is
intended to be a replacement for the external command, in the same
way that mv, cp, etc. in the zsh/files module are.  So although I'd
be in favor of some means of making the stat builtin functionality
available to modules that want it, without hiding the external stat,
I'm opposed to the idea of removing the name "stat" for the builtin.

Perhaps what we should be thinking of is a more general utility for
zmodload, along the lines of Perl's export-tag semantics, so that a
module can be asked to selectively install only those bits that the
caller needs.

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