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Re: Prompt redrawing bug with ctrl-d

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> OK here is the attempt to fix it. It is using use_exit_printed as flag and
> moves its resetting a bit later, so flag is available in preprompt (where
> prompt was overwritten in case promptsp). If there are no objections
> I'll commit it.

I dream about a better interface from the main shell to zle, but this
is entirely in the spirit of what we have at the moment, so it'll do
fine (until we find there's some other reason to use the same flag).

> P.S. git cvsimport still runs for over 9 hours now :)

At some point I fixed a double trashzle() that was causing the prompt to
move down a line that had been obscured by a corresponding bug somewhere
else.  It may be a side effect of that.  I can't find it at the moment,
possibly because since it was mostly to delete things it's not obvious
in the annotation.

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