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Re: problems with 4.3.4 and Tru64

On Friday, May 11, 2007, at 04:29AM, "Peter Stephenson" <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>Phil Pennock wrote:
>> > > If these display fine, then multibyte is working and parts of zle are
>> > > working; the problem will be in input processing.  If these don't
>> > > display, then the problem's not in the input processing.
>> > 
>> >  Touche, that works!
>> > 
>> >  Now, how to fix input processing?-)
>The fact they display doesn't tell you very much.  You also need to
>check that once you've got them on the command line they behave like a
>single character.  The easiest way is just to move the cursor and check
>it doesn't go to far (which it will if doesn't recognise the two bytes
>as a single character).
>If that's really working, input processing is quite involved to check.
>The key function for this is getrestchar() in Src/Zle/zle_main.c.  This
>should recognise the first byte is an incomplete character and the
>second byte completes it.  I don't think this an easy way to avoid
>debugging the insides.



I have been following this thread as it interests me since I have had trouble getting multibyte to work the way I would expect on OS X.  This thread inspired me to dig a little deeper since I can always see the characters, but with multibyte on echo/printf didn't seem to like the combined characters, and with multibyte off the line editor can't keep straight that it is one character.  I will file a bug report with Apple to turn on multibyte in zsh now since in zsh 4.3.4 it seems to work fine.  The other problems I was having were caused by preexec().  I had some print() statments in precmd() and preexec().  precmd() and chpwd() seem to have no effect on whether multibyte works or not, but this preexec():

preexec() {
  print -Pn "\e]2;%n@%m %0~ (%30>...>${1}%>>%)\a"

causes echo/print to misbehave.

My test case was to do `echo h<combined character>lp` where the combined character is either <option-u>e or <ctrl-x k>e:

with the preexec enabled I get:
<combined character>h<combined character>lp

as the output, without it it just echoes exactly what it should.  So I think for the most part my problems are solved now.  It would be nice to still be able to use preexec, but I assume that hopefully that bug can be fixed in the future.


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