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Re: Change in FIGNORE behavior

"Vin Shelton" wrote:
> Greetings -
> In a shell built from current CVS sources, I observe the following behavior:
> vshelton-pc2% ls
> svn-commit.tmp~
> vshelton-pc2% ls <TAB> --> svn-commit.tmp~
> vshelton-pc2% FIGNORE='~'
> vshelton-pc2% autoload -U compinit
> vshelton-pc2% compinit -u
> vshelton-pc2% ls <TAB> --> BEEP
> Even though FIGNORE is set, if there are no other matches, completion
> should match the backup file, right?  That's the way the shell used to
> behave.  I've done a little bisecting and it appears this behavior
> changed sometime between 2007-05-15 and 007-05-23.
> Was the change intentional?  If so, I don't particularly like it.  Can
> we have the old behavior back?

I certainly don't think it was intentional and I can't offhand see any
patch what ought to change it.  Also, it doesn't seem to be happening
for me.  This is supposed to be handled by the _ignored completer;
is some change causing that not to be set?  If not, maybe the output of
_complete_debug would be helpful.

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