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Re: PATCH: test output to terminal dehackery

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On May 29,  3:43pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> }
> } We now have the technology to open a file descriptor for test input and
> } terminal output without using up one of the standard shell ones.
> } The {fd}<redir> syntax opens up an unused fd from 10 on.
> Hrm.  I'm ambivalent about this patch.  The {fd}< syntax is one of the
> things that gets tested for correctness quite a bit later on.  If it
> doesn't work properly here, could the whole test suite fail?
> That is, I'm wondering if the implementation of the test suite should
> restrict itself to the most basic shell operations possible and only
> the tests themselves employ extended functionality.

I don't really believe in the division between basic and extended
functionality, except as regards add-ons; if the shell's broken it needs
fixing.  You're correct that the new syntax isn't used as much so it's
more likely it would get broken without anyone noticing.  I don't see
any implication beyond needing to fix that before running other
tests, however; that can in principle happen with anything.

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