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Re: alias -s doesn't friendly deal with programs having an extension

Maddi Kopfermann wrote:
> Hi, ZSH workers,
> after alias pl=perl e.g.
> a program with an extension like  e.g. program.pl can no
> longer be invoked without its full path.

In the case of Perl, the fix is simple:

  alias -s pl='perl -S'

(although the Perl documentation is now so complicated it took me five
minutes to confirm that...)

More generally, you could write a shell function to do this.

pathfind() {
  local dir
  for dir in $path; do
    if [[ -f $dir/$2 ]]; then
      $1 $dir/$2 "${(@)argv[3,-1]}"
  print pathfind: file not found in path: $2
  return 255
alias -s pl='pathfind perl'

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