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Re: zsh-4.3.2 fails to run .zcompdump when an "alias -g" is in it

Phil Pennock wrote:
> > Thus, zsh should generate a .zcompdump file in which the keys in all
> > associative arrays are quoted, to avoid having them expanded as aliases.
> Try this; fortunately, it's an easy change: the parameter expansion flag
> 'q' can be doubled to use single-quote quoting instead of backslash
> escaping.

I've committed this, but in principle you can have a global alias for
anything, even a quoted expression; it might be better to have the shell
save and restore the state of the noaliases option for the dumpfile,
something like:

integer aliases
[[ -o aliases ]] && aliases=1
setopt noaliases


} always {
  (( aliases )) && setopt aliases

It's a pity this isn't easier in a dot file.

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