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Re: zsh stable release, or is 4.3.4 stable enough for Fedora?


On 6/11/07, Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Strictly speaking, 4.3.4 isn't stable in quite the same way 4.2 is.
How ever, that's less because it's broken than because it's a moving
target; "unstable" means "it keeps changing" rather than "it doesn't
work".  I don't think there are big problems with broken code.


This doesn't answer the question about when it's going to appear because
I don't yet know.

Thanks for the detailed update on the project status.

On balance, I think most users would probably benefit from upgrading.
The thing to worry about is less stability in terms of bugs, since I
don't see much evidence that's a problem, and more stability in terms of
features; see for example the list of incompatibilities in the README

From my (little) experience, what you said and the fact that both
Ubuntu and Gentoo (other well-known distros) are already using 4.3.x
somehow, I think it's time to Fedora go this way too. Anyway, I'll
report your answer in Fedora bugzilla and see what the package
maintainers think about.

 Caio Marcelo

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