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Re: PATCH: yet another _git update

On 6/23/07, Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi list.

The following patch addresses the following issues:
(all related to _git_commands)

  a) To provide a nice looking list, we currently use a hardcoded list
     of 'command:description' pairs. However this does not guarantee,
     that all possible subcommands available on a system will be taken
     into account.

  b) git has got a nice feature, that lets you define aliases for
     commonly used commands, so that you can do 'git pub', which git
     may then (if configured) expand to 'git push public', to push
     local changes to a public repository for example. (Of course,
     you need to configure git, so that it knows where 'public' is.)
     These aliases are currently not considered.

  (Nikolai: I wanted to check your _git-repo this morning, to see, if
   you addressed this one already. However I got an 'Access denied.'.)


Works fine now.  These issues have been addressed, yes.  Commands are
broken up into different groups, so you can easily configure what gets

One way of making sure that commands that we currently don't know
about gets included is to merge the output of $(git help -a) with the
list of commands we have descriptions for.  That way you don't have to
choose.  Also, you can avoid the description if you don't want the
long list:

 zstyle ':completion::complete:git:*' verbose no

or something like that.


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