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Re: Removal of autoloads via module name only

On Jun 25,  9:18pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Is anyone going to be concerned if I remove this ability, so that
} you would need to give both the module and the builtin etc. to be
} autoloaded explicitly? I stronly suspect the answer is "no", in
} which case I will remove it in the next round of feature autoloading
} changes.

Actually, use this all the time.  Or more precisely, I use the thing
you mentioned in your next email, all the time:

} alias -A example=zsh/example
} zmodload -ab example

I have a rather complicated set of startup scripts, one of which has
the job of discovering that I'm running an uninstalled zsh binary out
of the compilation build tree and therefore frobbing the module path
(and installing all sorts of module aliases) so that everything "just
works" loading the modules out of Src/Builtins and Src/Modules instead
of by using their regular namespace paths.

This makes extensive use of exactly the aliasing trick above, and I'd be
rather disappointed to have to try to figure out how to rewrite it all
so that it still works.

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