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Re: MULTIOS input

On Jun 27, 12:40pm, Dave Yost wrote:
} Is this working correctly?  I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.10.

It's not working incorrectly, I guess.

I'm not sure if this is part of your question, but the <<< operator
appends an implicit newline, so the newline you embedded in the
quotes makes two.

/dev/fd/0 refers to the standard input, which is NOT the standard input
of the subshell (the pipe from "echo line 2") -- it's the standard
input of "cat", which (when I try it on linux) is the <<< operator, so
I see "line 1\n\n" twice.

Whether that's what you get on some other OS depends on whether there
really is a /dev/fd/0 or whether zsh is simulating it, and possibly on
whether the I/O buffering is such that you can read the same input from
the /dev/fd device more than once.

} 0 298 Z% cat foo
} #!/usr/local/packages/zsh/bin/zsh
} setopt MULTIOS
} echo line 2 \
} | (
} cat <<< 'line 1
} ' < /dev/fd/0
} )
} 0 299 Z% ./foo
} ZSH_VERSION is 4.3.4
} line 1
} 0 300 Z%
}-- End of excerpt from Dave Yost

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