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Re: zsh weird behaviour (possibly bug?)

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> In that case it might be worth trying to run screen or zsh under strace and
> seeing if anything funny is happening with I/O.  You'll get lots of
> useless output, but (if the strings are recognizable enough) it should
> be possible to work out what's going where.

Come to think of it, it's not clear that looking at I/O from the shell
is going to tell you much: opens and ioctls might, but the command
that's not showing output,

   ls | sed 's/\<\(.\)\([^ ]*\)/\u\1\L\2/g'

doesn't have output going through the shell.  The shell forks, set's up
the pipe, and forks again; one of the forked shells execs ls, the other
sed.  The output goes straight from ls to sed to the terminal.

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