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Re: vcs conversion tools hate zsh sf cvs repo [was Re: PATCH: zfautocheck equals signs]

On Tue, 3 Jul 2007 12:43:18 -0400
Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> For the files above, the HEAD revisions are on the vendor branch (they
> are numbered and, for instance), but the revisions
> that make it to the git HEAD checkout are only 1.1.
> A subsequent commit will change the revision number to 1.2, and then
> tailor will commit a -r1.1 -r1.2 diff to git, which is less than
> ideal, but syncs the file in both places and will presumably keep the
> history properly thenceforth.

There was also Completion/README at

I think I've fixed this, but you might want to update and compare some
files to make sure.  What I did was the equivalent of the following for
each file:

cvs update -r1 file
cvs update -p -r1.1.1 file >file
cvs commit file
cvs update -A file

Comparing with a previously synced set of revisions seemed to show this
worked OK.

There are various files still at  I haven't fixed these.

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