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Re: Bug#433828: zsh: make a cache in $HOME during aptitude completion

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 08:43:04PM +0200, Pierre Raimbault wrote:
> During the aptitude completion, zsh makes a cache (so files and subsequent
> directories) in $HOME/var/cache/$HOST/, for example :
> -=[morgan@PennArBed]=(~)>tree ~/var
> /home/morgan/var
> `-- cache
>     `-- PennArBed
>         |-- DEBS_avail
>         `-- DEBS_installed
> 2 directories, 2 files
> I suppose it should be in /var/cache/$HOST/.

Erm, presumably you have something like
zstyle ':completion:*' use-cache on
zstyle ':completion:*' cache-path ~/var/cache/$HOST
set, so there's little reason for it to appear in /var .

You already have the ability to change cache-path for certain contexts,
so you could have Debian packages cached into /var/cache/$HOST if you
wanted, though if the purpose of that is to share the caches between
users, I think this could subject you to problems concerning
file ownership/permissions, locking, differing cache policies, and
whatnot, or maybe these aren't actual problems in practice.

Maybe someone else on the list is doing something similar or has
additional thoughts.

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