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Follow up: ZSH looping on commands that produce long output

I'm not subscribed to the list and so have to start a new mail thread rather than following up with the one that I started.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for the help you've provided.  I've narrowed down the scope of the problem, and it's likely nothing to do with ZSH.

Two things I tried in response to your suggestions were:
- Removing the use of "Phil!'s ZSH Prompt" because of its precmd function
- Rebuilding ZSH to use statically linked libraries.
But the problem persisted.

One curious thing was that the process that was producing the output had always died even while the looping was going on.  Using strace, the ZSH was blocked on a read, waiting for the next command, and for that reason one can't blame ZSH for the scrolling output.

What I found was this:  If I initiated the rlogin/ssh command (it doesn't matter which) to the remote machine from an Expect script as I was doing, then I could experience the problem when using the ZSH login shell on the remote machine.

On the other hand, running rlogin/ssh from the command line or from a shell script resulted in the problem going away.

So, it appears that the problem is really with Expect and not with ZSH.

Thanks again.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author