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Completion regression?


I have a small, annoying problem with completion of file names. I have
some files starting with "[". Until zsh 4.3.2 everything was fine and
"echo [<TAB>" showed my the files. Now at the same place zsh tries to
complete environment variables, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

I tracked down the problem with git bisect to this commit:

commit 82ac967eff75a43fd8a7271e5fe96bfdb0ad08c6
Author: pws <tailor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Jul 10 13:08:24 2006 +0000

    22544: Improve use of ztype tests for multibyte characters.  Add
    POSIX_IDENTIFIERS option to control allowability of multibyte
    alphanumeric characters in parameter and module names.

But reversing the repository to this patch makes "echo [<TAB>" hang in
an endless loop and only a SIGKILL can help. This bug disappears with
this patch:

commit cc67cb4da59072a9e801a4e0bcd3c4d8d410bce1
Author: pws <tailor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Sun Aug 20 18:07:49 2006 +0000

    22643: completing in math context

Is there a simple way to enable completion of files with [ at the
beginning again? (And yes, I know I can add \, but I liked it when the
completion added it for me...)

Greetings, Tobi

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