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ncurses windowing out-of-tree

This has all of the problems of 22383, plus more.  For one thing,
zncurses_wadd_wchstr doesn't seem to work, and actually using multibyte
characters with zncurses_wadd_wch seems to confuse ncurses's character
counts.  Maybe that's a side-effect of having zsh linked against
libncurses and this module linked against libncursesw or maybe it's just
plain broken.

Technically, you could use regular X/Open curses (as long as you've got
wide character support)

Sample usage:
zmodload zncurses

zncurses_newwin 10 10 10 10 5
zncurses_wborder 5
zncurses_wmove 5 1 1
zncurses_wadd_wch 5 B
zncurses_wadd_wch 5 l
zncurses_wadd_wch 5 a
zncurses_wadd_wch 5 h
zncurses_wrefresh 5
sleep 5

Help making this usable is welcome.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author