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Re: History file locking (was Re: 4.3.4-dev-4 and 4.2.6-dev-2 available)

On 2007-12-14 17:45:47 +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> We can probably add your stuff as an option; I'm a bit worried about
> forcing fcntl() locking on everybody willy nilly.

A runtime option would be the best solution. On the NFS server here,
fcntl locking sometimes no longer works (probably because the lockd
daemon has crashed), though in general, the NFS server completely
crashes a few hours later. A runtime option would allow ones to work
in a degraded mode.

>  This probably needs to wait till after 4.3.5 otherwise that will
> never get out at this rate.


> It's possible there's an overagressive test for a write failure; I added
> some more after reports of problems.  You might be able to track down
> where this is coming from fairly easily.

I'll try to look at it.

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