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Release status update

(Resending this... I think I've worked out how I've screwed up my mail
configuration here.)

I'm currently intending to do the following:

- to release 4.2.6 tomorrow.  I can't see any reason not to.

- to delay 4.3.5 for a few days to tidy up the remaining loose ends.  I
  will try to make another dev release tomorrow.

In particular:

- Please do *not* assume I will get around to fixing shell-code
  completion problems myself.  I have quite enough to do otherwise.
  The two outstanding problems I'm aware of are a Unicode argument
  not appearing and Mutt mailbox completion with "=" (for which it
  sounds like the compset argument needs tweaking).  Anyone who knows
  the shell language to any depth is encouraged to look at this sort
  of thing themselves.  (There are a couple of other outstanding
  problems in completion which may or may not be more involved.)

- It would be nice to fix the problem Danek spotted in multibyte code on
  Solaris, although I'm not sure I have access to a suitable machine

- As well as Vincent's file locking, I will also hold over the patch for
  > and < in globbing (which I now realize was slightly incomplete)
  since it has minor syntactic implications that could probably do with
  longer to settle in.

Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Web page now at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/p.w.stephenson/

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