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Re: Bug#463507: Need more info. (zsh: Completion fails with: "_main_complete:161: permission denied:")

On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 06:03:27PM -0500, A. Costa wrote:
> Restarting as regular 'zsh' the bug comes back... so, assuming there's
> now enough data to answer: is this a 'zsh' bug, or was and is my
> config somehow borked?  If my config is borked, what's the right way to

Well, possibly both.  All we've established thus far is that something
in your config is consistently triggering something unexpected.

Try ls -<Ctrl-X>? (that is, hit whatever's bound to _complete_debug
at the point you would normally trigger the error with TAB) and
send the resulting debug output in /tmp to the bug report.

> make this fix permanent & default?
> BTW: I notice the 'zsh' switch completion seems more thorough than that
> of 'bash'.  'bash' only does a '--' (double hyphen) completion, but
> 'zsh' does single and double hyphens.  The 'fish' shell has completion
> powers comparable to 'zsh'.
> Another observation, maybe different bug.  With the above fix, if I do:
> 	ls --n<TAB>
> 'zsh' auto-completes this as:
> 	ls --n-g
> ...which does not currently seem to be an 'ls' option.  Hitting <TAB> a
> second time auto-completes as:
> 	ls --no-group
> ...which is a proper 'ls' option.  Bug, or maybe some legacy 'ls' option?

I think that's a bug.. it should be offering you --no-group and
--numeric-uid-gid until you disambiguate.

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