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Re: some way to inherit kill ring in su'd shell?

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>>>>> Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Jan 11,  8:58pm, Greg Klanderman wrote:
> }
> } Is an enhancement something like this acceptable?
> } 
> } +tindex(zle-line-finished)
> } +item(tt(zle-line-finished))(
> } +This is similar to tt(zle-line-init) but is executed every time the line
> } +editor is finished reading a new line of input.
> } +)

> In concept this is OK (though there might be a better suffix than
> "-finished", maybe even just "-finish")

Yep, whatever you guys like is fine by me..

> but I don't think your patch
> follows through some possible ramifications.  For example, it might
> be preferable to save/restore errflag and retflag so that the values
> from the end of zlecore() are preserved, and it's possible that the
> zle-line-finish widget should not run when errflag != 0.

Those sound like good things to worry about getting right.

> I don't know all the ramifications of the values of various globals
> at the end of zlecore().  PWS?

Right, I certainly don't either..

Anyway, here's a new version of my previous code using this
enhancement which also preserves the kill ring.  There isn't
a builtin module for base64 encoding is there?  :-)

function zle-encode-strings () {
  python -c '
import base64, sys
sys.stdout.write(":".join(map(lambda v: base64.encodestring(v).replace("\n", ""), sys.argv[1:])))
' $@

function zle-decode-string () {
  python -c '
import base64, sys
' $1

function zle-line-init () {
  local v i=0
  if [[ ${ZLEKILLRINGPID-} != $$ && -n ${ZLECUTBUFFER-} ]] ; then
    CUTBUFFER="$(zle-decode-string $ZLECUTBUFFER)"
    for v in ${(s-:-)ZLEKILLRING} ; do
      killring[((i++))]="$(zle-decode-string $v)"
zle -N zle-line-init

function zle-line-finished () {
  export ZLECUTBUFFER="$(zle-encode-strings $CUTBUFFER)"
  export ZLEKILLRING="$(zle-encode-strings $killring[@])"
zle -N zle-line-finished


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