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Re: changing bindings in isearch mode?

On Jan 19, 12:12pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I was indeed thinking about this over the weekend and why no one had
} done it before. It really does look like it's that simple; this is
} quite a lot of oomph for a small patch.

The keymap is a good thing, but I suspect the reasons no one's bothered
before include (1) accept-search is no different than undefined-key in
this context, (2) if the keymap exists, it's possible to do something
moderately stupid like "bindkey -A main isearch", and (3) the *real*
oomph would come if user-defined widgets were usable in isearch mode
(and the widgets in that mode had distinct names).

} The name "accept-search" exercised me a bit. [...] (You could bind it
} for use in your own search mode, for example.)

You'd also have to define it with "zle -N" in that case, though, and
there follows the confusion as to why your custom widget doesn't get
called when the accept-search key is struck in isearch mode.


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