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Re: PATCH: sticky emulation

On Feb 12,  9:44am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Frankly, if I had time to look at things like what the back end of the
} documentation tools is producing I'd be out of work.

Well, obviously, that's what the rest of us are here for. :-)

} On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:37:58 -0800
} Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} > 
} > I guess I'm specifically interested in what happens with "zcompile -c"
} I suspect the answer's no, but I don't understand the internals and
} I don't know how to execute the file in such a way that the reloaded
} function isn't marked for autoloading, and autoloading certainly isn't
} handled.

I think the only ways to execute a .zwc are with autoload and "." --
to run FILE.zwc with "." you have to use ". FILE" (omit extension).

The state of the autoload -U and -z flags are stored in the .zwc so I
thought that might mean some of the shfunc was packed there and thus
the sticky setting would get picked up as a side-effect, but that does
not appear to be the case.

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