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flex symbols being exported


I'm a Gentoo Linux developer, and since last year I'm working on rooting
away problems with linking collision between software. In particular,
right now I'm working toward reducing issues with exported flex/yacc
symbols for parsers [1].

Zsh seems to be exporting quite a bit of symbols; while most of the
interface is used by the plugins, there seems to be also the parser's
symbols being exported:

yamato ~ # nm -D /bin/zsh | grep yy
08088310 T yylex
080e05f0 B yytext

I guess this comes from flex, at any rate the yylex symbol is widely
defined (50 times on my tinderbox results) and it should probably not be

You should either hide the symbols (either via proper ELF visibility or
through linker scripts) or rename them asking for a prefixed version of



Diego "Flameeyes" PettenÃ

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author