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Re: Bug#519535: history expansion: modifier completion missing

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 11:55:55AM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> I tried to show off zsh to a sceptic today and had to find out the
> hard way that it does not (yet) provide completion for history
> expansion modifiers, e.g.
>   echo !$:<TAB>
> should list
>   h  Remove a trailing pathname component, leaving the head.  This works like âdirnameâ.
>   r  Remove a filename extension of the form â.xxxâ, leaving the root name.
>   e  Remove all but the extension.
>   t  Remove all leading pathname components, leaving the tail.  This works like  âbasenameâ.
>   p  Print the new command but do not execute it.  Only works with history expansion.
>   q  Quote the substituted words, escaping further substitutions.  Works with history expanâ
>     sion and parameter expansion, though for parameters it is only useful if the  resulting
>     text is to be re-evaluated such as by eval.
>   Q  Remove one level of quotes from the substituted words.
>   x  Like q, but break into words at whitespace.  Does not work with parameter expansion.
>   l  Convert the words to all lowercase.
>   u  Convert the words to all uppercase.
> etc.

Anyone want to tackle this?

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