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Re: Bug#517008: alias not expanded with zsh -c

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } Is the fix as simple as the following?  This is not a trick question, I
> } could very easily have missed something.
> Will this cover "emulate -c"?

If you mean cover it in the sense that the option is turned on before
any code is parsed---yes, but that's not changed by this patch.  It
won't cover the case where emulate -c is followed by multiple lines of
code that define aliases that are expected to be available in following
lines.  I'm not sure it needs to: there's no question of that being
standardised and we are at liberty to define the rule as being what it
is by default, i.e. code is parsed and aliases expanded before any code
is executed; although I can see you might expect it to be the same
as the shell's own -c option.

> I'm a bit leery of even starting down this road, because it still fails
> to make any difference if the alias definition and use are on the same
> line (separated with ";" or "&&" etc.).

I think it's accepted that this will not work with any current shell
implementation, not just zsh.

But yes, I share your feeling that this isn't a particularly vital
addition, it just looked easy to do like other shells in compatability
mode, which is the point of that.

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