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Re: Building yodl on OS X 10.3.9?

On Wednesday 15 of April 2009 20:55:21 Jesse W wrote:
> Can anyone give me some further pointers out how to go about building
> yodl?  I'm on OSX 10.3.9, with an up-to-date Fink installation.  I
> downloaded the copy of yodl available on the zsh site (1.31.18), and
> tried to follow the instructions -- but it breaks in a way I'm having
> trouble understanding.
> I heard rumors that it needs an additional, unusual build system --
> but it's not clear to me 1) what the name of the system is, or 2)
> where I can get it.

Check zsh-workers archive; I asked the same question but I do not use 
Mac since then (my son said he liked it :) ) so I cannot verify.

yodl_2.13.2.orig.tar.gz from
seems to work. Try

$ perl contrib/build.pl make
$ sudo perl contrib/build.pl install

The latter will install binary and macors into /usr/bin and 
man pages into /usr/share/man, and docs into /usr/share/doc/yodl.
Try 'perl contrib/build.pl' for more info, or read INSTALL.txt.

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