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Re: zsh seg fault when TERM = linux

On Mon, 4 May 2009 12:58:10 -0300
Murilo Opsfelder AraÃjo <mopsfelder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ./configure:#define TGETENT_ACCEPTS_NULL 1
> I think these are the options zsh was installed on server. If you need
> the options zsh port was compiled, it will take me more time. I have
> no root acces on the server.

OK, that's what I expected; it means zsh isn't responsible for buffer
allocation (or doesn't think it is, and if it got it wrong the system would
crash immediately, so it must be right).

> >> On the server side (where zsh crashes) there is no command 'infocmp'.
> >> The server is running FreeBSD.
> >
> > So this appears to be something to do with the response of FreeBSD to
> > being given a TERM setting of "linux"; can you reproduce this by setting
> > TERM to linux locally on the server?
> I set TERM to 'linux' on the server before calling 'zsh'. All seems
> ok. May be a problem with ssh connection.

I'm completely stuck now, I'm afraid: something obscure is happening down
in a library on a type of system I don't have access to.

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