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Re: Conflicting completion for rpmbuild

On Jun 25,  4:37am, Alexey I. Froloff wrote:
} On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 05:10:02PM +0400, Alexey I. Froloff wrote:
} > Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm and
} > Completion/Linux/Command/_rpmbuild both contains completion for
} > rpmbuild command.  What for?
} Comments, anyone?

I can't find the evidence of this.  In my CVS sandbox, only _rpmbuild
has "#compdef rpmbuild" and _rpm doesn't contain any mention of the
string "rpmbuild" anywhere.

I'm not sure why _rpmbuild is under Linux/ rather than under Redhat/,
but both this and whatever you're seeing in whatever version you may
be looking at, are both likely historical artifacts.

If you're asking why _rpm completes after the word "rpm" the various
options that are now accepted by the rpmbuild command, it's because rpm
used to subsume all the functions now contained in rpmbuild, and the
_rpm function hasn't been updated to detect the installed version of
RPM and disable the obsolete options of the more recent variations.

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