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Re: PATCH: problem accepting completion in menu selection

2009/7/1 Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>:
> I've been having a problem for some time now that when I'm in menu
> selection (menuselect keymap) and use return (or anything bound to
> accept-line) to accept a completion: that doesn't happen, instead the
> list is scrolled. ÂSpace is the other obvious thing to use to accept the
> completion and start typing a new argument, but it scrolls too, so this
> is especially frustrating (it's only supposed to be special in
> listscroll---as far as I can see listscroll is OK).
> You can accept the completion implicitly by typing another key, such as
> a self-insert character other than space. ÂI have absolutely no idea how
> space managed to be treated specially but I think it's because within
> zrefresh() list-scrolling kicks in if the list is still active, which it
> shouldn't be any longer, which is the fundamental problem. ÂEven if you
> successfully accept the completion, however, it's not doing quite the
> right thing, for example you don't get always_last_prompt behaviour. ÂI
> think it's going through a series of baroque displays that top anything
> Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach managed in his entire illustrious
> career, ending up with nothing else to do other than the normal action
> of the command which caused selection to exit and which was pushed back
> onto the command stack, and which finally causes selection to be no
> longer active but in a slightly awkward fashion.
> It's a little curious that no one else has noticed this; I assumed it
> was due to some odd key binding I had but I see no evidence it is.

I think I've noticed what you're talking about, I have menu selection
for `kill` pid completion, but I usually just press ctrl-c to abort
the list mode after i press enter to accept. I'll keep an eye out for

Mikael Magnusson

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