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Re: Bug#537596: regression: parse error near `()' in function definition

also sprach Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> [2009.07.20.1027 +0200]:
>   `l' in the function definition is in command position and is expanded
>   as an alias, defining `/bin/ls' and `-F' as functions which call
>   `/bin/ls', which gets a bit recursive.  This can be avoided if you use
>   `function' to define a function, which doesn't expand aliases.  It is
>   possible to argue for extra warnings somewhere in this mess.

Indeed, this fixed my problem, and I also renamed the function to
something else, now that I found out about the nameclash. Warnings
would be nice.

However, there still seems to be some regression, but I cannot quite
reproduce this for other cases. E.g. it is still possible to define
a function -F without the error.

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