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Re: zsh 4.3.10 terminates with SIGINT when one types Ctrl-G in emacs under Mac OS X

On Jul 25, 11:24pm, Philippe Troin wrote:
} > } On first sight it looks like the Linux kernel changes semantics based
} > } on whether the terminal is in cooked mode or not.  Possibly in an
} > } attempt to help a bit with the "what to do on SIGINT in interactive
} > } programs" mess we are dealing with here.
} > 
} > I suspect it's more subtle than that ... e.g., it may be that on linux,
} > the SIGINT isn't coming from the terminal driver at all.
} Please enligthen me on this one...

Well, I'm speculating because I don't really know what emacs does with
the terminal on different architectures, but for example it might put
the terminal in raw mode and do its own I/O, then send the emacs process
group a signal when emacs reads a character that matches in interrupt
character definition.

That sure seems more sensible to me than trapping SIGINT and treating
it as the input of a ^C when doing keymap processing.

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