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[contrib] completion for feh


I'd like to contribute the attached completion for feh (an image viewer)
to the zsh project.
#compdef feh
## completion for feh 1.3.4, based on feh(1)

typeset -a arguments
typeset -A argument_pairs argument_postfix
typeset arg

	'help'        'h'
	'version'     'v'
	'verbose'     'V'
	'quiet'       'q'
	'theme'       'T+'
	'recursive'   'r'
	'randomize'   'z'
	'filelist'    'f+'
	'preload'     'p'
	'full-screen' 'F'
	'geometry'    'g+'
	'auto-zoom'   'Z'
	'multiwindow' 'w'
	'borderless'  'x'
	'draw-filename' 'd'
	'slideshow-delay' 'D+'
	'reload'      'R+'
	'keep-http'   'k'
	'builtin'     'Q'
	'list'        'l'
	'customlist'  'L+'
	'loadable'    'U'
	'unloadable'  'u'
	'sort'        'S+'
	'reverse'     'n'
	'action'      'A+'
	'montage'     'm'
	'collage'     'c'
	'index'       'i'
	'fullindex'   'I'
	'thumbnails'  't'
	'menu-font'   'M+'
	'no-menus'    'N'
	'next-button' '1+'
	'zoom-button' '2+'
	'pan-button'  '3+'
	'menu-button' '4+'
	'no-menu-ctrl-mask' '5'
	'rotate-button' '6+'
	'no-rotate-ctrl-mask' '7'
	'blur-button' '8+'
	'no-blur-ctrl-mask' '9'
	'ignore-aspect' 'X'
	'stretch'     's'
	'thumb-width' 'y+'
	'thumb-height' 'E+'
	'limit-width' 'W+'
	'limit-height' 'H+'
	'bg'          'b+'
	'alpha'       'a+'
	'font'        'e+'

	'help'        '[Show help]'
	'version'     '[Show version information]'
	'verbose'     '[Be verbose]'
	'quiet'       '[Suppress non-fatal errors]'
	'theme'       '[Load named options from config]:theme:_feh_theme'
	'recursive'   '[Recurse into subdirectories]'
	'randomize'   '[Randomize file list before displaying]'
	'filelist'    '[Read file list from this file]:file:_files'
	'preload'     '[Eliminate unlaodable images before displaying]'
	'full-screen' '[Make the window fullscreen]'
	'geometry'    '[Limit window size]:geometry: '
	'auto-zoom'   '[Zoom picture to screen size]'
	'multiwindow' '[Multiple windows, one image per window]'
	'borderless'  '[Borderless windows]'
	'draw-filename' '[Show filename in images]'
	'reload'      '[Time delay for reloading]:time: '
	'keep-http'   "[Don't delete cached files]"
	'builtin'     '[Use builtin http client]'
	'list'        '[List images, their size, etc.]'
	'customlist'  '[Format list output]:format: '
	'loadable'    '[Print loadable images]'
	'unloadable'  '[Print unloadable images]'
	'sort'        '[Sort images]:sort type:(name filename width height pixels size format)'
	'reverse'     '[Reverse sort order]'
	'action'      '[Action to perform on each image]:shell: '
	'montage'     '[Enable montage mode]'
	'collage'     '[Enable collage mode]'
	'index'       '[Enable index mode]'
	'fullindex'   '[Enable verbose index mode]'
	'thumbnails'  '[Enable interactive index mode]'
	'menu-font'   '[Set font in menus]:font: '
	'no-menus'    "[Don't load or show any menus]"
	'next-button' '[Button for next image]:button:_feh_button'
	'zoom-button' '[Button to zoom image]:button:_fes_button'
	'pan-button'  '[Ctrl+Button to pan image]:button:_feh_button'
	'menu-button' '[Button to activate menu]:button:_feh_button'
	'no-menu-ctrl-mask' '[Show Menu without pressing ctrl]'
	'rotate-button' '[Ctrl+Button to rotate image]:button:_feh_button'
	'no-rotate-ctrl-mask' '[Rotate without pressing ctrl]'
	'blur-button' '[Ctrl+Button tu blur image]:button:_feh_button'
	'no-blur-ctrl-mask' '[Blur without pressing ctrl]'
	'ignore-aspect' "[montage mode: Don't preserve aspect ratio]"
	'stretch'     '[montage mode: Enlarge images to fit thumbnail size]'
	'thumb-width' '[montage mode: Thumbnail width]:pixels: '
	'thumb-height' '[montage mode: Thumbnail height]:pixels: '
	'limit-width' '[montage mode: Limit montage width]:pixels: '
	'limit-height' '[montage mode: Limit montage heihgt]:pixels: '
	'bg'          '[montage mode: Background image]:file:_files'
	'alpha'       '[montage mode: Thumbnail transparency level]:integer: '
	'font'        '[index mode: Thumbnail info font]:font: '
	'slideshow-delay' '[slide change delay]:seconds'

	'--rcfile[Specify config file]:file:_files'
	'--zoom[Zoom images]:percent: '
	'--caption-path[Where to look for image captions]:relative directory: '
	--action{1..9}':shell: '
	'--bg-tile[Set tiled desktop background]:file:_files'
	'--bg-center[Set centered desktop background]:file:_files'
	'--bg-scale[Set scaled desktop background]:file:_files'
	'--bg-seamless[Set scaled desktop background, preserving aspect]:file:_files'
	'--menu-style[Style descriptor for menu text]:file:_files'
	'--menu-bg[Background image in menus]: :_feh_background'
	'--menu-border[Set menu background border]:integer: '
	'--no-pan-ctrl-mask[Pan without pressing ctrl]'
	'--xinerama[Toggle xinerama support]'
	'--screen-clip[Toggle window clipping]'
	'--hide-pointer[Hide mouse pointer in fullscreen mode]'
	'-o[montage mode: Output file]:file:_files'
	"-O[montage mode: Output file, don't display montage]:file:_files"
	'*--fontpath[index mode: directory to search for fonts]:directory:_path_files -/'
	'--title-font[index mode: title font]:font: '

for arg in ${(k)argument_pairs}; {

function _feh_theme {
	if [[ -r ~/.fehrc ]]; then
		typeset -a themes tmp
		typeset theme IFS=$'\n'
		for theme in $(grep "\w" ~/.fehrc | grep -v "^#"); do
			tmp=(${(s: :)theme})
			shift tmp
			themes+=$theme:${(j: :)tmp}
		_describe 'theme' themes

function _feh_button {
	typeset expl
	_wanted button expl button \
	compadd 1 2 3

function _feh_background {
	_alternative \
	'file:file:_files' \

_arguments -s $arguments

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